Questions and Answers

Can you use a microwave? The short answer is NO as it generally blows up like a balloon and we don't want to do that ...  So the best thing to do is follows the instructions. If you decided to be rebel and attempt it, ensure the pad is fully emerged in water and monitor it frequently- but be aware we can't guarantee the product as the waves decrease their integrity.

I used it and it went hard? Yes that's correct, the chemical process releases heat as it turns from a liquid to a solid.

How long do they last? (30-120 min). It comes down to size, Basically bigger is better so they say warm larger. The weather affects the pads as well.  The first few times you use them they don't last as long - they get better with the age.                                     

How many times can I use the pads? As long as the pads are not leaking, and you treat the pads correctly, you can enjoy for years.

My pot is not big enough? This is quite common. The one thing with these even if they are solid they can fold over on themselves, so you don't need a massive cauldron to reset them.                                                                                                            
It doesn't have a small disk inside? Please contact us and we will replace it straight away. you should feel special too as this is approx 1:2000 so go and get a lotto ticket :)

It's leaking? If you have followed the instructions to a tee and it's still leaked, we will replace it. If you however get some liquid in your eye rinse thoroughly in cold water, and contact your doctor. The liquid is Non-toxic but better to be on the safe side.        

To Reuse: boil water in a pot, place a cloth on the bottom of the pot. place the pad inside the pot and continue boiling until all the crystals are dissolved and only liquid remains. Take the pad out the pot and let it cool down to room  temperature.

*Note: if crystals begin to form while the pack is cooling, it must be boiled again until crystals fully disappear.